Balcony - 2005-05 Balcony Höhle

Thu 07 Aug 2014

E, M, H & N descended the entrance series together (well, in 2 waves to save waiting around) then H&N went off to drop a pitch (I assume they'll elaborate later) while M&E went to check out the passage beyond a climb which N&M had rigged while H&E descended. The nice rifty passage went and went (northwards) - slightly scary loose boulder floor which we gardened a bit, but some lovely mud formations. E achieved the impressive feat of becoming cold while wearing 3 layers of thermals in addition to over & undersuit. We surveyed around 130m in total, leaving 2 A-leads, one B-lead and two C-leads for future cavers. We called the area 'Lemonsnout' and the data is in folder # '2014#19'

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    2014#19 LemonSnout ['notes2', 'notes1', 'elev1', 'plan1']
    2014#20 Leeds Bypass ['notes2', 'notes1', 'elev2', 'notes3', 'plan2', 'elev1', 'plan1']
    2014#22 Pitpot2 ['notes1', 'plan2', 'elev1', 'plan1']
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