3rd Rigging in Trip (107)

Sat 26 Jul 2014

Back again looking for ways on. Conncetion to R looks unlikely - everything goes L.

Had a good look at roof on the way down. Various roof tube possibilities. Only promising one (Needs one bolt for pro) well back in sleepless.

13-RS-2B doesn't exist. 'Too bold' was too wet to go down but window off about 7m down looked promising. Wook put in (crummy) bolt in only bit of decent rock with good hang. But hanger cranked it out a bit. Getting wet so decided it would have to do & descended. Passage! Windy too. Traverse in the way, but quite easy to do with slings, so got across whilst A + J surveyed.

Beyond was pitch, only about 20m to floor. Got down quickly (after going back for rope left above) but found only a ledge above bigger pitch - 25-30m. Awkward bolt then time to go home. Descended quickly to find that it came in roof of China, just 'upwind' of the rock bridge. Nice pitch though & not prone to rockfall like korea.

On way out shit bolt at top popped out of hole whilst Andrew was going up, giving him a hell of a shock (and breaking PDA screen when he got bashed on wall). Fortunately even 9mm is good gear, so he was able to re-rig from traverse & Wookey 'quality bolts' was able to get out with a bit of tackle-sack padding.

So bolts really do fall out if not properly set. It took 4 descents + 2 ascents before popping on 3rd ascent.

Whizzed out with lots of caving in 1hr 15 from there. (We are getting quicker)

T/U: 9 hrs

P.S. A+J went to stone bridge. Wook went down to carpark but realised too late that he had got a lift up so car not there, and no transport arranged. And of course phone flat so no calls, and no spare batt to charge it, and no money. Hmmmm.

Fortunately Austrian couple in posh camper in car park were able to provide beer, the gasthof phone number & a phone to call for rescue. Julian came & saved me.

Doh. That really was quite dim!

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