204 - Faith - Beyond Belief - Atheism

Mon 01 Aug 2005

A rocky start as Andrew's light died in the entrance crawl (good place to do it though) so he went back out to borrow Frank's and got very hot. Went slickly after that. I grumbled big-time when I realised that the pitch Andrew was going to rig wasn't the large one over a dodgy traverse but was another wriggle down through boulders following the draught. A psychological backup looping a rope around one of the boulders was followed by an efficiently placed spit in the middle of the boulders down to large draughty passage ... which went for about 30m to a squeeze up through yet another set of boulders + to the bottom of a large aven with no tempting ways on. Back in the 30m of passage there is a small draughting pitch on the left but with yet more boulders balanced at the top. We headed back out to the junction just after the drippy chamber + I had a look left down the passage that Wookey, Andrew + I hadn't surveyed on 2005-08-29. It went down, down, down for over 10 minutes of crawling with a couple of squeezes over wedged boulders. The draught seemed to gradually weaken + it got a bit smaller but I couldn't manage to kill it. Out nice + early for the stomp down the hill for the dinner.

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