204 - Gaffered - Heavily Soiled (again)

Sun 31 Jul 2005

Andrew took photos whilst we flash-serfed. Unfortunately, the shot of Gaffered didn't work out. Then we surveyed to the right from the top of the steep ramp from yesterday, into a chamber where Andrew found a failry obscure way on through a narrow rift on the left. This led to a small chamber with two ways on that soon fizzled out and a boulder choke. We were about to pack up when Andrew wriggled up behind the boulders and disappeared ... for some time. Bum. I moaned and whinged all the way up a 45° slope of perched boulders covered in impact marks. Lovely-jumbly. This led to a big space at the bottom of a huge aven with just one small lead off in one corner heading down steeply (needs a rope to be sensible). We ended up way above all the Underworld level - potty.

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