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Mon 01 Aug 2005

I wasn't feeling too well, so we decided to do some surface stuff. We headed back to 2005-99 with oversuits + got to where I got to 2 days before. Olly said he wasn't really in the mood for nasty tight cave, so I went in, wriggling along the rift, I was fairly sure it seemed to continue + get wider. It was tighter than it looked, and whilst it did get wider, it wasn't wide enough to turn round in, and a few meters further on it got too tight. The draught present at the entrance seemed to vanish down the boulders on the right, not down this passage.

Olly very kindly moved rocks out from behind me + helped me wriggle backwards, generally it was a bit crap. We surveyed + put in a hole for a tag, but currently it is untagged, because Dave + Wookey had the tagging kit.

We walked out further west and thought we had find the elusive Tantalus Schacht, but it didn't have bunde nearby for the "bunde belay". We then re-found 2004-08, which had more snow than last year. GPS 33 410647E 5282162N 1616m.

We walked further west and re-found 175 (33 410551E 5282186N 1656m) and 176 (33 410573E 5282249B 1682m) which was nearby - from here lovely views towards the Bräuning Wall + the col. We looked for 174 but didn't find it. We walked back to the bivvy refinding 2004-07 (33 410612E 5282159N) on the way.

T/U 0.5h

Rigging guide for 76 - Saved Shaft to the Tap Room

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