Loser Plateau - Shaft bashing

Sun 08 Aug 2004

Rigged and descended a slot at the edge of a choss bowl near 2000-08. It didn't go.

Free-climbed down another hole to the north [should read south] of this. It didn't go.

Descended 2000-08 to look at the supposed dig. It didn't go.

Climbed into 2002-03 (near Hauchhöhle). It didn't go.

Walked down the hill with 29kg of shit. Drank Gösser. Utterly failed to cook Germknödel. Got very pissed. Listened to Mark drowning out Tom Lehrer with random accordion noises. Eating almost raw Germknödel gives you a bad stomach ache. It remains to be seen what effect Nial will experience from eating knödel seasoned with molten colander.

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