40 - Eishöhle

Thu 10 Aug 2000
Mark Shinwell

Plan was to go to do one-leg survey to connect Grüner Eingang survey to old cave + then MI pushing. Stomped up Elephantengang & rigged pitch down to old cave. Rope only _just_ long enough (7m) - take 12m in future. Noticed a small draughting hole at the top of the canyon at the foot of the pitch. Blowing like a bastard it was, so we excavated it using bolting hammer, spit and driver to the grand proportions of 20cm x 75cm wide. Mark lowered himself in to find an immediate 6m ice pitch. No rope, so we surveyed out and named it the Bastard 'Ole. Photo'd Elephantengang. Almost time to go out, so we took a few snaps in SVH + headed out. It turns out that the hole almost certainly connects with Elephantengang, but it's now a QM for someone to check.

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