Loser Plateau - Surface Bimble looking for 187 & 192

Wed 02 Aug 2000
Anthony Day

Walked to 161a and then up onto the ridge to the Hinter to look for 187, which is allegedly marked "CUCC 90". Wandered around for yonks, lots of Bunde bashing and falling over, but couldn't find any such cave. We have one bearing off the Nase and one off the central peak of the Dachstein. Assuming the bearing off the Nase is right, the area to search is very small indeed because you can only just see the Dachstein from the very top of the ridge at that point. The most likely candidate is a hole which could reasonably be described as a "5m climb down in a nearly vertical bedding plane" (which is really jointing). However, there is no paint (however hard we tried, we couldn't persuade any of the pink bits of lichen to spell CUCC 90) and the 1990 log describes the cave as being by an isolated patch of bunde on a slab. Our hole is in the middle of loads of Bunde and therefore it probably isn't 187.

Gave up and went to 161c to look for 192 which is allegedly ~100m away. Wandered around for 1½ hours but couldn't find it. There's quite a bit of snow on that side of the hill, so it might be covered over.

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