40 - Eishöhle

Mon 14 Aug 2000
Mark Shinwell

Mark S bashed his knee on the walk in so Earl went to derig Oldway pitch. Went and did more SVH photos. Then rigged slope down from lowest pt of chamber to blocked squeeze. Excavated it in a few minutes using a trowel. Wandered up Kalter Gang to Spinnedfriedhof to reach a pitch down (one bad spit) after a difficult traverse (take a 10m rope & rig this next time). Ran out of time so went out + carried a load of crap back to the car park.

Interestingly, Kalter Gang blows away from SVH, but the Spinnenfriedhof blows in your face as you descend it. There are also marked changes in the temperature of the air in Spinnenfriedhof - one minute it's as cold as SVH and five minutes later you can't see your breath at all. Definitely worth a return visit next year.

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