Loser Plateau - Surface Bashing

Thu 10 Aug 2000
Julia Day

The planned surveying trip in 204 failed to happen due to lack of instruments (one set at base camp, all cars up the hill. Doh!) So we wandered off to do surface stuff instead. Got to B11, then sat around for ages trying to get the GPS to do its stuff. Eventually worked it out and GPSed the following caves.

B11 Alt 1658
B8 Alt 1655
80 Alt 1684tick
145 Alt 1698
201 Alt 1791
156 Alt 1804tick
147 Alt 1815tick
WK2 Alt 1753

The numbers are in Wook's GPS. (Note. WK2 is not really WK2. The thing we labelled is called WK2TEM according to Wook's GPS. It is tagged incorrectly, and is located near 161c. It is also marked with a painted cross). We then surface surveyed 193 (refound this year). The route from 161c is as follows. Walk around the bottom of the snow plug in front of 161c and along the terrace, past cairn on large boulder. At cairn (235° to France) turn right and climb down to the next terrace. Walk along this level (northish) then turn right and climb down another level to a traverse on a stone bridge. Walk over limestone with drops either side towards the bunde. Continue in the same direction towards final cairn. The bearings from this cairn (directly above Ent. pitch, station 11 in surface survey) are
Cross on Trisselberg186°
Summit of Hinter001°

Cave is tagged as CUCC 1623/193 and surveyed. Martin descended 193, so he can write a cave description....

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