204 - Steinbrückenhöhle

Tue 08 Aug 2000
Anthony Day

TU 9 hrs

Went back to pitch at bottom of Ariston we had partially descended on 1/8/2000. I went down and banged in a bolt, then descended 38 m to a "ledge" of sorts. Tried to bang in another bolt but the rock cratered loads. I reckoned Dunks & Mick were probably cold by now at the top of the pitch (there is nowhere to cower and lots of loose crap around, which goes straight to the bottom, hence we only had one person on the pitch at a time). Dunks went down and banged in another couple of bolts, by which time we'd pretty much run out of rope without bottoming the pitch, so we went out. Mick had spent ~5 hours sitting at the top of the pitch freezing his kanackers off whilst me and Dunks were bolting. Dunks was hassled by a bat on his way up, hence pitch is called Fledermausschacht.

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