Loser Plateau - - 170's

Wed 09 Aug 2000

It was afternoon by the time it cleared up enough to encourage us up to TC so caving abandoned in favour of doing plateau stuff. Intended to go out via the 170's to the Hinter & tag the 96-ones with real numbers, check out 2000-02 & WK5 (we were carrying a ladder & oversuit). As it happened we only got a small fraction of this done before it went dark.

Set off to 171 & thence to find 172, which we did by hacking straight through the bunde. Also found a small '+' marked cave en-route. GPSed both then surface surveyed back from 172->+->171b->171a. Took ages due to bunde. '+' cave photoed, drawn, surveyed, tagged '00AA01'. 171 has at least a-g entrances & needs an underground survey. Then continued to the 101-102,173, LRH(200) area & gpsed those caves. 102 was tagged, contrary to the list. Changed the LRH tag to '1993 1623/200'. Then spent quite a while looking for 174, 175 & 176. Eventually found them all & GPSed them. Too late to surface survey so just walked back in the gloaming. Tried to find 210 to tag but it was too dark.

[list of GPS locations still to type]

Also surveyed inside 172 & 00AA01. 171 needs a proper survey!

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