204 - 204

Sun 06 Aug 2000
Duncan Collis

Went to 204 for push down 2 pitches. En-route met Becka who was very excited at having found a new cave (turns out Brian + Earl found same cave about a week earlier). Strolled to 204 via Becka's cave and a cave noted by Duncan, Mick & Anthony last week. At stone bridge, discoverd that Animal + Mark hadn't got a bolting kit or any spits or hangers. This immediately scuppered half the trip and ultimately led to a complete Jack.

In the end, Duncan, Mark & Animal did surface survey from 204 to new entrance, and preliminary investigation of both holes.

2000-08 (not tagged yet) TAGGED

Short pitch (~6m) from chossy naturals leads to large (~4m wide) unroofed passage. Uphill leads to rift, which is choked (corresponding to nearby choked surface rift). Downhill passes a wedged rock to a climb down onto a snowbank. Right is blind, left descends and leads to a blind pit with a too-tight continuation (looks diggable though), with a big echo.

2000-09 (not tagged yet) TAGGED

Horizontal entrance slopes downhill for about 20m, passing beneath skylight and passing a crawl to the left. The crawl leads to a small chamber, where there are two ways on. Left becomes too small, straight ahead has not been pushed but is a crawl.

Back in the entrance passage, at the bottom of the slope there is a wriggle up over rubble into a chamber. From here, the obvious way on is a ~15m pitch, but there is a possible crawl above this (doesn't look promising). At foot of pitch, in large rift passage, a crawl on the left leads to a small chamber. From the chamber to the left leads for ~15 metres before turning left and becoming too tight. Straight ahead, a crawl reaches a junction, with a continuation upwards to the left, straight ahead and to the right, none of which have been pushed. To the right is a further unpushed crawl.

Back in the rift chamber, an exposed (but easy looking) ascending traverse has not been pushed; there is a short climb down, after which a climb up is blind, and the continuing descent passes a narrow point before entering an ascending traverse in a rift which leads to a chamber some 5m above the floor; this chamber has not been entered.

[sketch survey]

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