40 - Eishöhle - Mission Impossible

Tue 08 Aug 2000
Becka Lawson

Down Eishohle, rerigged bottom pitch on naturals + started surveying down sandy crawl to final chamber. Then ran off as 2 pm + shouted + banged rocks a lot. The surveyed some more. Then 3pm then souted + banged rocks. And some more survey until 4pm shout + bang. Each time expecting to hear Wooks + Andy from Elin Algor in via 161D but that wierd chinking sound dripping water makes + sounds in your head. Derigged the 6m pitch in the stream rift + headed on out with rope + battery. The icy pool had receded still further, barely even an obstacle now. All the poncy rerigging + deviations a bugger with heavy tackle sacks. Out at last. Walked to Top Camp with both our sets of gear + got there just before dark + just before started minging down, for a change !

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