204 - Steinbrückenhöhle

Thu 27 Jul 2000
Duncan Collis

Had sesh in taty hut night before. Awoke early, breakfasted and went up the hill with drill and battery. Had had problems with battery - when we tested it out the previous day, it was utterly dead. In the morning it mysteriously worked. Oh well....

At top camp, spent ages repacking 200m of 11mm rope into one HUGE tacklesack. Christened the rope 'Fat Freddy'. Took turns carrying Fat Freddy up to 204. Arrived knackered about 2:30. We seemed to have used up all our energy and enthusiasm and so sat around for ages.

Eventually went underground at 6:15. Drill was an utter twat, and would only work if the cable from the battery was held at a particular angle, so the drill could only be used if an assistant was less than a cable's length away. Rigged an alternative pitch which bypasses You're So Veined and the next 2 pitches. A fine hang which is straight down the middle of a big shaft. Think we'll call it 'Pot U Like'.

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