40 - Eishöhle -poking

Wed 26 Jul 2000
Mark Shinwell

T/U 3 hrs'''

Walked to Eishöhle from the car park. Eventually arrived without incident at 40a (the large entrance with the plaque). Earl had helped carry gear up, so Olly went back with him to Top Camp, inadvertantly discovering the correct path to Bunter's Bulge from the Appelhaus turning on the way. Meanwhile, Dave, Mark and Fay poked around the row of entrances terminating at 40e. Went down one of the two large entrances back from 40e (the one with a rubble slope leading in - old French bivvy site we think).

This terminated in a shaft of say 20m. New ARGE survey stations visible (May 2000). Turns out this entrance is "Nichts 50". Then we looked down a hole further back still, thus:

<graphic to add>

Short passage ends at a 4m pitch. Decided to return the next day to bolt it.

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