Journey - Julia, Anthony drive to Expo

Fri 21 Jul 2000
Julia Day

Date given as 21-24th July

Left Durham on Friday afternoon, drove for a couple of minutes, then realised we were minus one European Road Atlas. Doh! Fetched that and drove to Anthony's house. Watched his sister get married, drank wine, drank champagne(?), ate lots of party food. Later, ate more food + drank Black Sheep, then went home + drank Bunny. The next morning, Anthony drove to Austria...

Lots of tedious traffic near London, but made it to Dover in time to catch an earlier ferry (9.30). Kipped out somewhere in Belgium. Got up and drive here. That's it really. There was a bit of an error at a German petrol station, where Anthony told me to get DM 250 out of a cash machine "just to see if my card worked" before realising that he meant a slightly smaller number of marks, meaning me to get a tenner out of the cash point, rather than 100 quid! Anyone need any Deutsch marks ?

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