231 - Traungoldhöhle

Sat 22 Jul 2000
Simon Lee

Went to worry a boulder that was blocking a draughting crawl heading towards 204. Initially acting alone, I pulled out all the gravel and small rocks around the boulder in question to find a small rock chocking it in place. Wiggled the chockstone until it came out, which allowed the boulder to be rocked. Repeatedly rocked the boulder back, scraping out gravel from beneath it before dropping the rock back down. Thus was the boulder gradually lowered to allow a squeeze over the top which I didn't fancy attempting without some backup.

Went in search of folks to come play. Found a surveying party, and stole Si L. Mendip las Si shot through the squeeze like a greased weasel. There was an alcove on the other side and between us we manoeuvred the boulder into it to clear the way. Down a climb, then a very loose tube at 45 degrees and another two climbs down led to a solid choke. Daylight was visible above the 45 degree choss tube, and we climbed out to the surface. Also connected another branch of the cave to the stone bridge after which Steinbrücken is named, via the hole in the boulder floor.

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    231 - Traungoldhöhle