161 - Push/Survey QM 95-34 (rift by Ring Piece Junction)

Thu 18 Jul 1996
Anthony Day

Returned to the pitch that Duncan started bolting 2 days earlier. Steve and Anthony surveyed in whilst Duncan put more bolts in. There are 3 parallel rift passages leading from Ring Piece Junction with a perpendicular rift at the end which the pitch drops down. Duncan put in a lovely Y-hang and we bombed on down what turned out to be a p27. Whilst trying to survey it the tape measure snapped. This incident, plus the proximity to Ring Piece Junction, led to it being named "Tapeworm." The landing is on a rock bridge with a small chamber and a further pitch, probably of similar length. However, the first descent of this pitch was made by the head of the bolting hammer Duncan was using to dress the rock, so "Hammeroids" will have to wait for another day....

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