161 - Pitch in Genital wart

Thu 18 Jul 1996
Andy Cooke

Trip to investigate "4s" pitch in genital wart. Rift to be called "a bad case of herpes" due to the walls being covered in brown spots everywhere (mud). Went down first few m of pitch - very awkward pitch head, to large ledge. Put in two bolts for Y-hang, Phil descended pitch ~30m to rub-point. Andy put in rebelay bolt & bottomed pitch ~50m. Floor is covered in sharp & fragile crystals. A large rift continues horizontally ~15m, and a smaller tube goes down ~10m with a further 1-2s rattle, out of sight. Got tired, cold & hung-up passing y-hang re-belay. Further delays due to failing lights meant that we didn't leave the cave until ~11pm (1 hour past callout time). Staggered back, half in darkness, to be met by Anthony & Sam, the rescue advance party, about 15mins walk from top camp. Arrived back, very knackered, 12.30 (30 mins after callout deadline).

PS IN VERY SMALL WRITING: The hole below the handline in Amyl Nitrate doesn't go. We know 'cos Andy C dropped a tackle sack down it. He went down to retrieve it, and it doesn't go anywhere. Luv _PhilU_

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