161 - Dunks and Steve take it in turns to break a hymen

Wed 24 Jul 1996
Steve Bellhouse

Went to climb in snug. Possible but requires nutter. Me and Dunks decided we had more talent at hitting things with a hammer so we took our ACME "make your own?" kit (i.e. a big hammer) and made a Steve-sized hole in the passage and sent a Steve thru it, whilst Dunk continued hammering to make a Dunk+belt+FX3 sized hole and followed me. Over 100m of fun crawling and we pop out in fresh virgin mud near huge space. Unfortunately find red + white tape and realise we are in fact in MTA's alt. universe. I went back in the hope that Dunks was still hammering (and could therefore rescue our SRT kit) but he was already crawling.

Went for tourist down alternative universe and we thought that a climb up on the right at the end (short + easy but you would fall down the pitch if you fell) would go if you were a nutter.

We then went to look for more non-existant cave which I thought existed because I got confused after I came out of the crawl.

Then we came out.

PS Changing in Mothshag is OK
(only if it's raining. If you leave gear there it gets cold + shite.)

PSS We missed the rain in both dirns due to hiding nr Sam's dig

PSSS Hammering your own passage is the dogs bollocks

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