161 - Touristing + picking up gear

Thu 18 Jul 1996
Gill Lindsey

Cold morning, didn't feel like going caving at all, but SRT gear is at Shortage of Walls and I have to go get it... Phil tries to enthuse me... tea is drunk... Finally at 11.30 we set off for cave. At cave meet AndyA + JulianH + ChrisD fully clothed (they set off 1 hour before...) Anyway, getting keener now. Get kitted up. Phil now less than keen. Breeze down looking at sundry holes. Hole on left in Critters End before Salt Lake City ends in huge aven. Has pitch (undescended) + climb up to eyehole which leads to Salt Lake City. Touristed to Staudn'wirt Palace - looked at some holes in floor which had chossy ceilings held together with mud. Crawled up some blind crawls. Bombed back to Guillotine - me all enthusiastic by now, Phil wants out. Met Anthony + Steve -> loads of light -> ooh, what's over there? I looked at some holes on left after Guillotine. One small pitch. Bit further on, on left is wide high (~2m) rocky slopey inlet (~5m from blue string) to chamber with 2 entrances to big pitch 3s drop (~40m) Didn't rig it. Someone should look - shaft is ~4m across - leads on other side, could be traversed.

Anyway, we only came to collect our gear so its out. We love 161d - thanks to whoever found it.

T.U. 1 ½ hrs.

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