161 - Surveying 95/31 (or "Anthony's attempt on the title fuckwit of the week")

Tue 16 Jul 1996
Anthony Day

It all started so well when I refound my missing penknife which had been sitting in my cag. pocket for 2 months. I then only narrowly avoided failing to take the tape measure underground, but made up for this by leaving my stop on the surface, so had to pinch one from the guillotine. An efficient survey followed which added 150m to the length of the cave, as yet unnamed (idle gits). Derigged and went to look at a QM at Ring Piece junction accompanied by lots of slogging up and down Triassic Park to fetch/return misplaced bolting kits and ropes. The rumoured horizontal passage failed to materialise and became a ~30m pitch instead. By the time I returned with the rope this had become anything up to a 90m pitch with a big booming sound at the bottom. I think it's more likely that there is an initial pitch of ~30m with maybe another one beyond. Duncan placed a fine spit in Camembert like rock, by which time I'd had enough so exited. Left my penknife at entrance.

TU 6 ½ hours.

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    161 - Surveying 95/31 (or "Anthony's attempt on the title fuckwit of the week")