161 - Mississippi

Tue 19 Jul 1994
Steve Bellhouse

Back down to Mississippi to survey the fat wads of cave already found. I was _too keen_ and legged it off down the cave forgetting to put my clothes away. (It rained) (rant).

Anyway, by the time I'd got the rope out of Kate's crap, scrotty passage (can't remember what its called )(Mohr im Hemd) Pete and Julian had already found wads more cave. What a surprise.

Rigged and stomped down to the wet shaft where spits had been found previously. Then guess what ? Caving is shit and it all went wrong. Due to the tape being shagged, Julian had put it in _MY_ dangly bag when I had thought he had put it in _HIS_ and I left mine behind as I didn't need it. So I had to go back and get it.

Anyway, after all that messing about we surveyed lots of cave, met up with another surveying trip (Andy A, Anthony, Kate) then decided what to do next.

We sent them to survey somewhere else, then we went to survey a side passage and scrotty pitch.

Due to 'Scientific accuracy' (said Pete) and nothing to do with Pete and Julian collaborating to send the fuckwit down the slimy pitch, I went down a pointless dead end hole with a tape measure while Fatty and Petel stood at the top.

After that we pissed off.

P.S. My clothes were all piss wet so I got lost on the plateau in my caving gear.

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