161 - France

Mon 18 Jul 1994
Alistair Morris

Kate reliably informed us that she had cleverly left the compass + clino at Missisipi, so as Heather needed some string practice we went off caving. Went firstly down the hole near 161c that me and Mike rigged on a previous trip of epic proportions, for SRT practice. Then France itself. I went down entrance rift with Heather then as she was quite happy fucked off down to Missisipi where the number of survey kits was ZERO !! So came back out. Had a poke at a tube going off ½ way down Deja Vu, it's rift similar to top of Toothless but doesn't appear to go but the French haven't been there - untouched mud. Then bits started collapsing so I came out. The survey kit was in Kate's kit at the ENTRANCE !!!

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    161 - France