161 - France

Fri 15 Jul 1994
Kate Janossy

Went to look at the big muddy shelf off Sultans of Swing. It leads to a huge dried up river (Mississippi). This leads to a pitch into a chamber with a rift going off. Probably doesn't go anywhere but worth another look (and proper rigging). The first passage (Mississippi Mud Pie) on the left leads to a big pitch. Noone went down - left it for next time. The second passage on the left is also big. We gave up at a short climb up to a smaller bit near the ceiling & came back to do some surveying. This might go but will probably end up near Mississippi Mud Pie. Kate found a small scrotty bit of wiggly stuff leading into a big chamber. Surveying it will be really grim (Called Mohr im Hemd & Regurgitation after Kate's efforts at the dinner).

Surveyed Mississippi and Mississippi Mud Pie. 250m of cave ! There's lots more to be done too. Suddenly everyone has got all keen to go caving.


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    161 - France