161 - FRANCE 161c

Thu 21 Jul 1994
Pete Lord

(note ordinary order of date, compscis)

Intention was to take Robert TWC caving (or let him take us after we'd pointed him at the entrance). But he didn't turn up, so we foolishly went anyway. Pissed off. Nearly jacked at many points. Then went. Down to Algeria in 30 mins. Went to look at mudslope which lies to left at right turn in big rift / collapse chamber ("Ginger Crunch" I think, but fuck knows about all these biscuit names). MTS climbed up using a bolting hammer to pile loads of choss down on his unwitting belayer & eventually got to the top after much fear. Ends in a pitch straight down again too dangerous to bolt & that is hopefully the end of that - this bit is dangerous. Steve threw some boulders at us & then we went to continue survey of lead off Mississipi (Fudge Brownie as I believe it has amusingly been dubbed). Surveyed to rift whilst MTS bolted to descend rift, also surveyed small side passage which bypasses crawl. Rift rock too rubbish so bashed spit, but found climb down which leads to 2 points at which rift could be descended (2 + sec drop + [?]ing):


Then we were pissed off so we went out. Emerged to rain.
(Not slackers, just efficient).

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