161 - Ginger Crunch

Tue 19 Jul 1994
Anthony Day

meanwhile surveyed "Ginger Crunch", "Rich Tea", "Hobnob" passage, "Digestive" pitch and "Biscuit Factory", eventually linking up with the other surveying team at the entrance to "Heart of Gold". It was so exciting. Andy's survey station at the head of Ginger Crunch (chosen so as to give a good hang to the floor) was quite entertaining to reach, _especially_ when one of the hand holds detaches itself from the wall (I ignored the fact that the pitch was rigged off two flakes of similar dimensions). The backup ("It was a traverse line", Julian H) at the top of Digestive also proved to be irrelevant after Andy breathed on it from the wrong angle and it fell off.

As if that wasn't enough fun for one day, we then went and surveyed a bit off the side of Mississippi (called "Fudge Brownie") as far as a climb up an overhanging bank of choss, where the compass (mercifully) misted up terminally and we ran away.

 TU  Julian  }
Andy A } 9 hrs
Petel } - Due to variable
Steve ] 10 hrs prussikking speed
Anthony ]
Kate 10½ hrs

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