161 - France

Sun 17 Jul 1994
Kate Janossy

Back down Mississippi. Julian + Ali found loads of stomping cave while Anthony and Kate had a lovely time surveying bloody Mohr im Hemd. We went and looked at Regurgitation first. It has a boulder floor with lots of holes (surprise, surprise), and one possible lead in a rift with stream running at the bottom. Probably all go down to the same level about 10-15m below the floor. Surveying Mohr im Hemd was a bit like eating 10 of them - starts off OK but with a sense of worse to come, then gets appallingly tedious, then bloody grim. Average survey length 1.8m. I didn't quite realise the consequences of being all keen and crawling down small things on my first Expo caving trip. Error ! Anyway, enough ranting. Anthony may add to this. He was not very happy by the end.

Julian + Ali returned with tales of loads of big cave, which I don't know much about.

_Ali_ We found lots of big cave. Two naturals produced an excellent Y-hang, leading to a large chamber with more passageway, coming off, about 100m down this passage, another pitch into chamber with no footprints. Left led to a pitch with a spit, soon stopped. Right up an interesting climb with bits breaking off led to stomping phreatic passageway (300m) to a large pitch 45m deep - is this STELLERWEG, the connection so dream for by all the compsci nargs.

Is it fuck ! Not likely mate.

France TU 9 hr

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