Plateau - Surface survey P147 to cairn on summit of Vord

Sat 16 Jul 1994
Olly Betts

1623/136 is linked to the summit cairn of the Vord. Schwarzmooskogel, but this isn't linked anywhere, so to link it to the net around 161, we surveyed from P147 (fixed station at 1623/147 entrance). From 147, we headed east initially and zig-zagged up the slope, then along the top to the summit. We signed the book in the green box, and looked at CUCC visits in past years, and then hacked down vaguely south towards the path from the Loser Hut to top camp. It was not too hard, but cairns are scarce. Near the end we discovered a cave marked +185, which is odd 'cos 1623/185 is 2 year's gestation, which is by 161. The red paint was fairly faded, but it was definitely 185. The entrance is slightly constricted and then opens out to a 2m or so diameter shaft. Stones drop for a second or 2 and then rattle. We didn't see any bolts. Bearings 284.5° to Zinken, 235° to Loser. Here's a map of how to reach it from the top camp path:

Webeditor's note: Approx north on this pic is very approx. In fact it is roughly due east.

You shouldn't be able to miss it, but if you reach a sandy depression, you've gone too far. It is _definitely_ not 158, BTW, as I've been there since.

I also checked out a couple of shafts (one off the KH path and one on the Vord. ridge). Neither went and they now sport red + signs.

No T/U.

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