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Sat 20 Jul 1991

As the Left Hand route had kindly been rigged for us by Mark F & Iain H we decided to get on down & have a lok. Finished & improved Niflheim rigging - but needs at least a deviation out of the water at the top.

Rigged on down into Time Dilation, p6 with totally shit get on/off. Then climb down to short p7. Both these have been left rigged so you can get into LH route. French connection has also been rigged so D&S will also get you there.

Gave up on roof bolt & wazzed down on natural to poke whilst Andy finished off bolt. Pushed a very unlikely tube & finally dropped into Wobbling - hooray - didn't have to go back up Niflheim if it rained (which it did as soon as we started the survey). Had compass failure after 9 legs so boogied on out.

Andy reckons he started up Knossus at 02.00 - I reckon he did it at 02.29 - he got out at 03.10 - I had a baggy & got out 05.03 he took 1 hr 10 - I took 2 hrs 20. After waiting an hour & 20 mins at the ent. (04.30) Andy decided I had died & called out Mark S, Olly & Tony. I was thus somewhat surprised when people turned up at 5.45 am - apparently to go caving ! There was much ranting but I had 2 hours to spare on my call out so I maintain it wasn't my fault - I can't help it if Andy is [illegible], although quite where the extra ½ hour went in Knossus I have no idea.

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