Kaninchenhole - Pushing-surveying trip down Burble

Tue 16 Jul 1991
Mark McLean

Had a luverly time scrambling around in a maze of passageways leading off below the burble pitch in the opposite direction to Repton Chamber. We eventually worked out that Wookey had been there before and that it was possible to crawl/walk/traverse in a loop from the chamber. We also found a pitch at the end of a muddy passage with a 6" deep pool of water in it. There was a stiff breeze blowing up from the pitch so we rigged it and descended (with some fun caused by Andy's lousy rigging RANT !) to a continuing maze of rifts and passageways. This is still going strong and deep with at least one tight but deep pitch to be descended. On the way out we surveyed our loop.

Also we had a go at a climb at the head of Burble pitch. In true caving style I sat on the pitch head assuring Andy that I would jump off if he fell and thus limit the fall to FF1. He climbed up a rather cruddy mud covered passage to a dead-end. The longed-for Burble by-pass continues to evade us !

Elevation of bottom of Exhaustion

[grade 1 sketch]

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