Sat 20 Jul 1991
Fran Lane

(Date totally guessed)

After a sweltering heating daying walk (? - my brains gone !) we eventually got there. The crawl had iced up for the first time in years made it nice and slidey - got to where the pitch should be + there was a massive pile of snow which came as a surprise to hans but he rigged it anyway - using thin cord in a single fishermans as a back up + an overhand for the actual rope but we went off it all anyway. Fairly amazing stuff certainly the time to get used to crampons landed @ the bottom of a 50m pitch in a massive chambers with all this ice Hans was going round manically on his crampons occasionally Andy followed but only armed with iceaxes. Lots of ice incredibly pretty + fairly amazing stuff crawled up a hole + found another entrance normally closed. Andy went up unroped we however didn't follow + went back the other way had a few problems going up the slope ended up with Hans practically dragging us ie. bring as many jammers as possible very useful stuff also lost a few peoblems - me twice - Julian - 5 times including twice @ the top oh dear - get ones that fit - well made it out eventually ! Went two ways back Henri with Hans whilst me, Andy + Julian bubderbashed + limestoned our way back up to 161 + back - fairly knackered by now - not surprising really !!

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