Toddle Around Big Sainsbury's

Sat 20 Jul 1991
Julian Shilton

Ian H told us there was this big hole near the top of Dreamtime ("What ! Another one ? Never !). If we were feeling bored we could even go down and have a look. So off we ambled. Cave entrance - Faff faff stall (Do we really have to go caving ?) Finally summon the energy to do down. Make our way slowly to this amazing hole that Ian H and Andy have already bolted (olly - Christ, these bolts really are shit !). Undaunted by such things as almost zero rigging gear and almost useless bolts Olly lemmings off the pitch head and whizzes to the bottom of the rope, pausing only briefly to use his spanner cord for a deviation, only to find that the rope doesn't reach. Surprise, surprise, another sodding great hole that goes down long distances. Got bored and ambled slowly towards the entrance. Surveyed this bloody pitch to the (wrong) bolt on the 3rd pitch, derigged 3rd pitch. Then Olly decides to fetch the drill battery from the bottom of S'not pitch while Julian pokes around in the hole in the wall at the bottom of the 2nd pitch. Result ? Ten minutes later Olly returns to find Julian wedged tightly in some ridiculous rift that goes off long distances but is only 6 inches wide. (Sodding cave; pitches too big, passages too small). Julian swiftly extracted and by now bored cavers wander slowly out. Passage apparently runs parallel to Rabbit Warren. There may be a way on but lots and lots of boulders.

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