surveying, ladder de-rigging Puffball.

Wed 17 Jul 1991
Julian Haines

After a thunderstorm just before lunchtime the weather cleared so we went for it. Wookey's first trip down Puffball (excl. brief look to top of first pitch), so nothing much happened as far as the "Dark Room". Then .... "Oh bloody hell, ... not again"; the flood pulse hit. We sat around for about 20 mins or so, had a nose down a bit of rift the other side of the 'Dark Room', and then decided to get out while we could, if we could. It was very wet, very very wet. 'Bottom Bypass' was very wet. 'Q8' was incredibly wet, disgustingly, unpleasantly wet. 'Shell pitch' was wettish. Both of us were very cold by the time we'd got out. Oh well, perhaps we'll manage to avoid it happening again !

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    surveying, ladder de-rigging Puffball.
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