Hellgrind and everywhere

Mon 22 Jul 1991
Olly Betts

and 23

Survey calibration cairns - survey bottom of Snot pitch - derig rebelays at bottom of Niffleheim - discover and survey Trehala (off Black Logoon) - improve grade I survey of Hellgrind to grade II - survey Time Dilation and Ambidextrous - discover Repton drops into Hyper-Gamma spaces - derig Burble pitches and put fixed rope on Repton - remove Burble tackle to bottom of Knossus and tie to rope - exit v slowly - die on entrance pitch.

God it was awful ! What heroes we are .... trumble ... 'spose it's my own fault for having the idea in the first place. Oh hum.

P.S. We used every rigged rope in the cave except the one on French connection !

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