Derig Dreamtime

Sun 14 Jul 1991
Ian Harris

Tipping it down so after too much festering decided to de-rig Dreamtime so as to at least do something useful. Checked out a potential cave on the normal path up, as it had water going down it - moved a couple of rocks and sent Olly down - it went about 3m.

At Khöhle showed Andy & Ian H a Q.M. at the start of D.time & told them which bit to survey/resurvey then went back to go down S'not. Much fannying about & ridiculous climbs down holes failed to find it, so we had to get Andy to show us.

Olly looked about 15m down a hole at the first corner in LH route - goes further (maybe another 15m) Wook look down grade 1 bit where Dave H & Animal had been - looked different - went further than Animal but apparently not as far as Dave - gave up at squeeze over block that would require gear removal.

[grade 1 sketch]

Then we derigged dreamtime & got a very fat baggie which we left at bottom of entrance.

Ian & Andy started bolting QM but it was too wet so did a bit of survey & left.

T/U 5½ hrs (Olly & Wook) 4 hrs (Ian & Andy)

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