161 - shear the driver

Mon 06 Aug 1990
David Fearon

We got changed and it rained. We went down dreamtime, down Boulder alley into Carefour eventually. If you think this is boring so is the RH route. How am I supposed to write anything interesting about an uneventful passing through a piece of cave which I know every stable boulder personally.

Now then, now then, the pitches, the drivers and other laugh. After much faffing of gear, [???] really are a pain. Then I snapped the driver, laugh. We [???] and [???] and surveyed out and were then dead 'ard and derigged to top of Bungalow. Last trip.

T U/G 10 hours

Trip where lead was found / Final derig / Next trip (see QM list !)

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    161 - shear the driver
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