161 - Left Hand Route again

Sun 29 Jul 1990
Olly Betts

(Candlestick area)

Re-rigged yesterdays pitch with 30m marlow, down to Foulness Ledge, then Sally down to bottom. Trench in floor (AFWAT) goes down another 6-7m. to another floor with a trench too (AFWATIT) This trench leads to a floor at 10m (undescended) with a humoungous hole about 5m horizontally with a 4-5 sec from from AFWAT. This might be an aven into Niflheim but it looks to be 20m or so too far west. This huge hole, if not Niflheim should be called DOUNREAY

[elevation showing Foulness, Candlestick, and Afwatt's - since shown that big pitch is not Candlestick, it is Dinorwig]

Off behind you when descending from AFwat is a small rift/tube with a 10m pitch into a rift. Sandy bottom with two small [und] tubes off at floor level. One goes north, is passable as a small crawl and goes dead straight (you have to reverse out), the other goes south round a tight corner, looks as if it comes out below Afwatit. This area is Dungeoness.

[elevation and plan showing dungeness coming from below afwat and connection back to afwatit - later shown to be a visual connection only (wook & damage)]

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