Wed 01 Aug 1990
Francis Turner

General Plan: Push Joe's holes then Francis' then Adam's.

Kitting up was the usual wander to cave entrance + faff trying to find bolts etc, nearly forgetting SRT gear finding more spits in Matts gear etc. Finally set off to Joe's hole. Joe disappears down a nasty bedding plan. Adam provides helpful boulders, Francis fails to find Joe's other hole. Francis comes back & is told to bring loadsa Bolting gear etc. Joe has 2 pitches adjacent in a bedding plane. Both very loose at top because the roof is trying to fall down. Joe spends ages putting a bolt in this roof while Adam & Francis look down the other hole & shout from various nearby holes & establish vocal connexions (thru impenetrable stuff) Joe has finished Francis has the only SRT gear so its his turn to rig the clear bolt for the free hang (gibber). First attempt in roof gives neck ache, head ache arm ache back ache + 2 or 3 rocks of roof down the pitch. Next attempt (on the wall) gives a bolt shattering the rock when the cone is banged in. Final attempt OK. Francis + Joe rig this & F goes down c.15m. Finds ledge thinks about putting bolt in. Finds possibility of pendulum + wire rebelay Then pretty ice + 5m more of going under ice (dead pretty) Flow goes down a little hole then a rift (a la Flapjack2). Mean while Adam + Joe look at Joe's other hole & Adam leaves to rescue his pit. F comes up. Joe goes down F paints 'CUCC 90/10' near hole Joe comes up & all head for Vesta.

T u/g 3 hrs (F+J), 0.5 (Adam)

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