Tourist - Stupid Bastards on the Dachstein

Sat 28 Jul 1990
Jeremy Rodgers


  1. Get up early
  2. Set off from Halstatt
  3. Walk in to Simony Hütte
  4. Sleep
  5. Get up early
  6. Walk to top & back down again
Gear: full ice gear and food for 2 days

  1. Got up early
  2. left Halstatt (-us one radio battery) at 9-30 am
  3. Walked ridiculously fast for 4½ hrs & found [?] at Simony Hütte
  4. Rested for ½ hr while letching at local talent & decided to go for the top hut despite Jeremy feeling a bit squiffy in the 'far too much' heat.
  5. Went for it & only took ¾ of hr to reach hut, so went for top (without using any of our nice ice gear) - Jeremy really f***ed.
  6. Got to Hütte & found it was full (6.00pm). "Oh, dear"! - "Oh well, lets go for it" - "but isn't that a bit silly?" - "Yes" - "Just checking"
  7. Run across bit of glacier & bloody hill in way (another 100-200 metres !!) - Jeremy really completely fuck*d.
  8. Stopped at top of hill, ate dinner, realised had no bloody water (oh god!) & radioed down to paralytic Julian at base camp - praise Philips in the high (whatever that means?).
  9. Walked/ran down to the next hütte hallucinating about water, got some strange looks when we got there.
  10. Ran down next bit until it got dark
  11. Jeremy forgotten zoom (yet another light failure for the intrepid duo!) & we got lost.
  12. Found road at bottom & managed to meet others thanks to radios
  13. Shagged

Summary: 20 miles, 8000 feet of ascent & 8000 descent, T/o/f: 13 hrs

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