Sun 29 Jul 1990
Juliette Kelly

Juliette: _TANTALUS_ (_the Paul investigation_)

A prospecting trip - Wandering accross the plauteux from the cave, down the side of the ridge, casualing looking for lower entrances.

CAVE 1 -> Nice passage, past snow plug 20m down -> choke. (juliette mortally wounded)
CAVE 2 -> It was an enormous hole said Dougherty. So we sent Del down, to Cool beer in the snow, Paul and I lazed in the Sun, Del reemerging with tails of ice formations having got to end of 50m rope
TANTALUS So named because of the water at the bottom - as the prospecters sat parched at the top. Del and Paul bolted in the Sunshine - I watched the musculatures at work. Then lady muck rigged (Very worried about an enormous natural) Anyway - Very pretty pitch - Shame it stopped.

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