161 - LeftHand Route Expo

Sat 28 Jul 1990
Mike Richardson

First venture into the l/h series. In via Dreamtime for Joe's benefit, then Joe up to l/h series while I nip down to Yapate to get Sally, thence back to l/h. Arrived to find that Joes driver had broken leaving half the threaded bit still in the spit. Found I had left SRT bag back at end of Dreamtime. Joe, being frozen, went and fetched it. Had a poke down first l/h passage on l/h route - see drawing over.

[piccy showing passage off to left at first corner of left hand route with c5 up to aven and c6 beyond above almost blocked passage - this has been superceded by Wook sketch 1991]

Rebolted top of Candlestick(?), Joe set off down to put in rebelay about 10' down. I went for poke from Arrow Chamber, and came out about 10' below Joe!!

pic showing connection from chamber beyond head of Butcher pitch connecting back into powerstation series

Joe, Having bolted, came up for rest, I went down 15m(maybe) to FOULNESS LEDGE. Put in next bolt, then Joe's turn - down 20-25m to freehanging rebelay. Half did bolt, then dead legs so up, and I finished it. Abbed on down, got to bottom of rope about 10' above ledge. Rats. Prussiked out.

PS. Another hole (2m x ½m x 2 sec drop) in carrefour:
[piccy of hole]
Bloody well go look at it!!!

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