Surface - Skinrip Passages I-IV

Tue 24 Jul 1990
Julian Todd

Assisted by Kieth, Tony.
and the total bastard pants gravel hypodermic foreskin up-your-thunk Jeremy. A potter up to the camp 1 with bier to hunt for Wadder's lost cave entrances wearing insufficient protection from sharp rocks in unmarked sink-grinder holes. There is a fun system of about six openings all in a line near the camp, all connected by cave, the last of which is very tricky to climb out of and in the middle of bunda. Snowplugs have receeded a lot due to the hot temperature & good weather (apart from the wind) revealing earthdarks (antiskylights) at the edge of the ice the size and sharpness of a small shark's mouth. Twice I got into these and Jeremy - may his bollocks turn to permafrost and be used as powerstation ball bearing - kicked snow all over me. Then, at yet another snow choked crack too tight to escape from, I heard his voice below me assuring that - from the other side - there was a way through. Cold ice slide, hands scratched by ceiling rocks, I crawled to the connection: a seven inch high horizontal skid through a puddle of ice water with Jeremy - may his gut squallor infestation scrawl-nose stink-plague give him a six day hang-over for every whiff of beer his brother breathes - laughing from the other side. I shall keep dry ice in his caving shreddies and use his SRT gear for superconducting experiments

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