161 - 161b

Sat 21 Jul 1990
Francis Turner

After much looking, located entrance (this involved Hugh + Francis standing a long way away and shouting directions to Tony as to where he should look!). anyway, descended 50m pitch and thence to French Connection II. [''confusion of names here - read 'France' for 'French ConnII', and 'FCII' for '50m pitch' Ed.''] several/a big one pitch off - probably explored by les caveurs Francaises. Surveyed back to base of 50m, intending to continue exploration of rift. The foot of the 50m has many ways on, all obviously reaching the bottom of the same rift 30-50m lower (one fucking big rift). Unfortunately we had no bolting kit. But we did rerig the continuation on a 50m rope (should be long enough, but needs another bolt?) and then we surveyed out to the connection bolt to 161. Lots left to do. One big bit of passage.

T U/G 4.5 h

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