161 - Laying the coax (fnaar)

Sun 22 Jul 1990
Juliette Kelly

(Date totally guessed)

What a lovely trip - Sauntered down the Cave - decorating it like a christmas tree with Coax. Jeremy joined me - (pissed) at the 3rd pitch. Coax Stretched to squeeze, where we had lost the joiner, So Jeremy volunteered to be Sweaty going to get a new one from the entrance,

At Pot Of Gold the coax was connected - Wonderful - I could listen to Jared + Anna + Jeremy getting pissed in the sunshine. No, seriously it is very Calming to talk to somebody whilst Caving. Listening to the 'Whats for tea' Conversations relieves boredom whilst Caving. Highly recommended these convuntily [??] trips.

TESTS 1 Me on handset in Cave with Coax turned on Could not reach base Camp.
2 With Coax on -> You Can communicate with the entrance anywhere in passage where Cable is + 50m odd on from end of Cable.
3 With Coax off Can only get entrance with set a few centimetres from Coax. Although I could hear entrance but they could not hear me about 1m away
Jeremy 3hrs
Juliette 5½hrs

Removing the coax (part I, 1992) / Removing the coax (part II, 1995)

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