161 - rig right hand route & push Yapate

Sat 14 Jul 1990
Jeremy Rodgers

Team div brain. Trip started well with Adam using Wookeys electric cos he'd forgotten his generator.

Couldn't find drill at first. Found it, descended to squeeze. Rigged squeeze with dickhead catcher (a sort of donkeys dick for cavers). Ladder to short, but who uses it anyway?

Spent ages trying to rig next short ladder pitch (how long since I went caving!!). Got to Bungalow, waited for Adam cos didn't have rope. Tried to put a bolt in with drill but didn't have hammer, where? in SRT bag, above squeeze!!?#þþ. luckily so slow that Julian was at top of squeeze when I went back.

Took 3 attempts to put in a bolt

Rigged Knossossss (Dave H & Julian gone down another pitch in boredom), Rope to short by 10 foot!!

Rerigging adding short rope to traverse, still to short but doable.

Got to Yapate & Drill went flat.

Adam went for crawl down tube, & we were just about to go out in disgust when he found a 30m pitch (joint effort by shouting - I found easier way to pitch) - bloody cave is ridiculous!

Put in two bolts & Adam zoomed down (really good hang) & found going vadoes rift - time to go out

I zoomed out & spent half hr at surface wondering where Adam was, he appeared late moaning at me - his light had failed. GREAT TRIP!!

T/U 9 hours

Previous trip / Dave H & Julian's trip same day (Rabbit Curry) / Del & DaveF's trip same day (to end of Yapate) / Next trip to Flat Battery series

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