161 - Push/Survey Flat Battery Series

Wed 18 Jul 1990
Adam Cooper

Started surveying from S final survey station in Yapate inlet. Series is choked-looking insignificant crawl on lh side looking _out_ of cave. After a little crawling, however, soon reached sizeable chamber + damp 25m pitch, 6m pitch with tight take-off & 3½m pit into which the water disappears. (Flows off _left_ looking _in_) Right above pit leads to 2 squeezes + pitch to limit of push. At this point, Mark started banging bolts in 19 to the 12 down 8m pitch (Jackpot), a lovely 40m pitch (Fifty Francises Phreatic Freehang) to a thoroughly complex chamber with rifts off in several directions + a big rock arch (The Mathematical Bridge). Mark rigged down one more pitch, then 6:30 pm struck & it was time to go out. Passage leads _right_ down 2½ second drop. Cave going like a train. Left _huge_ bag of rope at foot of last pitch. Last survey point marked S on wall 2m up on rhs near top bolt on last rigged pitch.

Met Damage, Wookey, Jeremy & Francis (no relation) on way out. Exited 10 pm. Felt knackered - must be unfit.

T.U. 10 hrs apiece.


PS. Kaninchenhöhle is _nice_. No horrible tight rifts.

Mark carried rope. I took notes. Adam read instruments.

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