Survey & push from Knossos

Mon 14 Aug 1989
Adam Cooper

Continued survey from 14 bolt of traverse to pitch into Knossos. Area surveyed: down thro' Star Wars, joining onto last years carbide mark at pitch bottom (into Knossos). At bottom of slope out from Star Wars is left & right divide. Rock at junction marked 10 WMA on back. Way left (looking at mark) surveyed round, eventually connected back via the way right (mark 18). Also going right (looking at mark 10) chamber entered was surveyed by radials from points 16 & 20. Point 26 leads to an unsurveyed passage leading to extensive phreatic passage. Point 32 in this passage MUST be joined with 26 (point 32 connects to a side chamber (off chamber containing radials from 16 & 20) via a dodgy climb).

The point 15, found by following the wall round from 10 via 18 leads to the pitch Mike rigged and from 15 on is unsurveyed.

Animals bit
Banged in _five_ bolts - pitch is about 30m to climb down over ledges. Lobbing a rock down gives a 2½-3 second drop. Bolt at top of this but not descended.

[sketch of rigging]

Animal T/U 8½ hrs
Wooks & Adam 9 hrs

Also Beyond pitch 3 poke while others descend - gained passage beyond 3rd pitch(es). Big and descends, eventually fizzles out at some pitches, maybe over L/H route. WARNING: the loose boulders are very loose, and a slip goes down a 30m pitch !!

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