Team slow and reliable (sometimes!) in Rover

Sun 06 Aug 1989
Mark Fearon

[exact date unknown]

Trailer was visible with the sun in the right place - well the shadow was anyway. It was unnerving driving around a corner and getting the passenger to stick their head out to see if it was still there after a bump. Rover was leaking lots but then we got used to it and realised that driving faster didn't necessarily increase the temperature. We also got used to finding stopping places with water supplies. Well when you get to 32 something's always a bit wrong.

Good tapes - "bat out of hell" -> lovely to put the foot down.

Even got a good ½ nights sleep in a car park. Made really good time. But we thought we got to Hila's at 10pm. actually we'd adjusted the watches the wrong way so it was midnight. Damn no schnapps ! Oh well off to bed and a cuddle. Next morning tent a bit damp. Late on moving the tent hopefully will be better. Oh and by the way I came here for sunshine -> why IS IT RAINING !

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